Position title
Market Research Analyst

Perform comprehensive market/industry research to determine how to market our company’s key service (e.g., outsourcing projects and headhunting) to the existing and potential clients (60% of time)

Gather and explore external data on IT Service industry developments and trends, as well as client demographics, preferences, and needs, using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, such as public market research database, for example, Google Trends, Baidu Trends, Social Mention, Survey Monkey. (20% of time)

The analyst will use marketing statistical methods to evaluate the IT Service industry, to identify and study the top companies in the industry. For example, gather and use market data to identify the status and future development of the IT service industry (e.g., what kind of IT services is the most popular, what kind of IT resources is most critical, what global location or area is becoming the new focus of the industry).

The analyst must use the objectives of market research to determine what information to collect, then identify the main sources of the data and the methods to collect the data. Then evaluate the quality and quantity of the information collected from the sources/methods you identified and screened. A good command of both qualitative and quantitative market research skills and data collection tools is needed to perform the above duty.
Determine methodology and data analytics tools, organize and analyze the data gathered from the above task using statistical and marketing methods, such as regression, customer segmentation, clustering, and statistical modeling, to reveal service performance and user insights. (10% of time)

For example, in a market research project on potential local client’s preference, after collecting local consumer data (to name a few: company industry, size, location, etc.) from online survey or Google Trends, the analyst needs to use regression to discover the relationship between companies’ industry and their preference on project needs, and apply clustering to reveal the project/service needs of companies in different industries. The analyst then organizes and analyzes the data to reveal product and service development information.

To perform this duty, the analyst must have good knowledge of multiple data analytics and data visualization tools, such as Excel or R, hands-on experience of designing and executing data-oriented market research projects.
Translate analyses into insights and actionable business recommendation; apply structural and scientific data, charts, graphs, formulas, visual aids, analysis, and conclusions to create market research reports; develop and present the research findings to the Management Team for decision making. (20% of time)

The analyst will convert the raw data and findings into actionable business recommendations. For example, to help internal sales and account management teams in the development of new business opportunities with existing and potential clients, the analyst will need to analyze those client’s service/project needs preference, and evaluate the performance update by using advanced business analytics skills (including market size and competitive analysis, market trend analysis, quantitative market analysis, and modeling and decision analysis) to provide more clear and actionable insights in the areas of sales, account management, and overall marketing strategy.
Perform competitive analysis and research on various companies’ business model, service offerings, and pricing strategies, identify market trends, pricing/business models, advertising and innovative methods of operations. Collected data from third-party information and research providers, e.g., Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, NPD etc. (10% of time)

The analyst will identify the main competitors for the information service industry by comparing services and target companies. Then the analyst will research each competitor, evaluate and compare their strengths and weaknesses, what services they provide right now, and what potential services the competitors are likely to launch in the next 6-12 months, and how it will affect our company. The analyst will provide research reports on specific topics to the Management Team.
Develop overall marketing and content strategies for our company’s branding and awareness generation, and revenue generation processes (40% of time)

Analyze data using multiple data analytical and data visualization tools to support Management Team with analysis for website performance, social media campaigns, community engagement and customer insight (20% of time)

The analyst will provide data-driven insights for the Management Team. For example, if the management team decides to add new contents on Hi-Tech Talents’ website home page or social media channels, the analyst will run A/B and multivariate tests utilizing scientific analytic methods to gain insights into customer feedback and behavior to help the management determine which version of the content that they should run with.

Evaluate the effectiveness of different type of marketing campaigns, support Management Team’s decision making in market positioning, competitive strategy and digital marketing (20% of time)

The analyst will evaluate the company’s marketing campaigns such as social media and search advertising campaigns based on data analysis and market research of current clients, competitor’s strategy and activities, industry practice and trends by monitoring and analyzing internal database using analytical tools and comprehensive market research around the information service industry and potential competitors.

Metrics of evaluation include campaign ROI, traffic generation etc., which will provide information and campaign/channel performance insights for decision making.

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Full Time
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Date posted
April 23, 2020
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Position: Market Research Analyst

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