Case Studies

Case Studies


Information Protection Project

Microsoft Information Protection is the Microsoft Security and Compliance org. The team builds the next generation of Information protection experience and services. We have been working with MIP team for three years on: UX quality, localization testing, Automation testing, PR check in validation, Deployment & feature testing, BI reporting, feature development, alerts & monitoring setup, etc. Very successful project, won great feedbacks from clients.

Long running project in Europe built with strong partnership since Sept, 2020

Services We provided

  • Development – End to end Feature Development on web and mobile device
  • Servicing Testing – Planning, Execution, Analysis and Reporting, functionality, reliability and performance
  • Construction – New Automations and Tools
  • Bug fixes
  • Business insights- Data Pipeline development and maintenance, BI reports

Benefits we brought up

  • Long-term partnership with proven track record and deep trust
  • Continuously enriched knowledge base with on-boarding training system
  • Mature processes to deliver the needed services and meet the SLAs
  • Managed service model with less FTE overhead but guaranteed service quality

AI projects – M365 Copilot&Bing Chat

Microsoft 365 Copilot and Bing Chat are the first Microsoft AI projects integrated with ChatGPT. 

  • Microsoft 365 Copilot is AI based functionalities that can help users to write, edit, summarize and create content.
  • Bing Chat is a full-fledged AI chatbot that can do many things like generating text like an essay or writing poems, writing code much like ZDNET has done with ChatGPT, asking complex questions and holding a conversation with follow-up questions.

We provided developers and testers for these two great projects, participated in the implementation and testing of these projects throughout. Our contributions receive special thanks from the project teams. Accumulated very valuable experience in AI products (especially in ChatGPT integration)

It is a great honor to be part of Microsoft’s earliest ChatGpt integration projects (Microsoft 365 Copilot and Bing Chat)

AI projects –

We worked with Microsoft Bing ASK team leverages AI technologies providing better answer experience to users.

Built teams with engineers, Data Scientist, NLP experts, for the end-to-end solution from the data collection through Crowdsourcing, labeling, data cleanup, data scientist work, NLP and AI integration dev work for the Bing ASK experience.

Worked on : Prompt-based NLP, question answering/generation, summarization, and information extraction.

Conducted In-depth qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the latest GPT-based ML production pipelines at Bing, including building relevant codebase.

Planned and executed research agendas, conducted ML experiments, participated in brainstorming, and tracked recent papers.

We accumulated lots of experience in Data collection, Labeling and Modeling

Office Wunderlist Exporter

The scope of this project is to create an independent export tool for Wunderlist end users to download their data ahead of an eventual shutdown of the service. This tool is implemented as a single page web application, likely in ASP.NET, working against the Wunderlist API, deployed on to Azure.

We accumulated lots of experience in Data collection, Labeling and Modeling


  • Worked with Office Berlin team and collaborated the work with Berlin dev and PM team.
  • Office Berlin team dev lead James Duncan Davidson approved and gave kudos on our technique design and code quality. James Duncan Davidson is a legend of computer industry and he created Tomcat. 

  • Main features are: Authorization, Flow, Export Process, Export Archive contents, Plain text representation, HTML representation, JSON representation and Telemetry.


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